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Struggles against "Left" authoritarianism

I have frequently been told that since the "the Left" is small and fragile, it is of utmost importance to preserve and protect the remaining "Left institutions."  Efforts to reform them from within, and even open criticism, supposedly threaten their existence.  I have also been told that "the Left" should not air its dirty laundry in public.

In other words, those who are suppressed or otherwise wronged by these "valuable Left institutions" should grin and bear it -- and in general, go to Hell -- in the interests of "unity."

Such views are reminiscent of Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf (Vol. 2, Chap. II) :

[T]he boy must be transformed into a man … He must learn to be silent not only when he is justly blamed but must also learn, when necessary, to bear injustice in silence. ...

A boy who snitches on his comrade practices treason and thus betrays a mentality which, harshly expressed and enlarged, is the exact equivalent of treason to one's country.

Such a boy can by no means be regarded as a 'good, decent' child; no, he is a boy of undesirable character.

I abhor these Hitlerian sentiments, holding instead, with Karl Marx, that "It is above all necessary to avoid once more establishing 'society' as an abstraction over against the individual. The individual is the social being" ("Private Property and Communism").

Accordingly, I believe that, instead of "bear[ing] injustice in silence," we have a responsibility to expose, denounce, and bring to justice those who commit acts of suppression and other injustices, the "valuable Left institutions" that they act in the name of, and the apologists on their behalf. Showing that we can and will administer justice ourselves, without appealing to the State and its repressive apparatus, is a crucial part of showing that "another world is possible."

In this spirit, I offer the materials on struggles against "Left" authoritarianism that you'll find on my pluralism page. And I encourage everyone to join in the struggle. If you're interested, please do contact meNo Justice, No Peace!

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This was really wonderful... I wonder how many people think about it... may be nobody...

October 18, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterdts

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